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IT Works Northwest, LLC is a Kirkland, Washington-based consultancy recognized as a premier IT solution for solo professionals and business networks up to 25 users. Our mission is to create the best information systems available to small business through expert knowledge, experience, and customized solutions that just work.

Categories of Service Include:

  • Whole Systems Design and Administration
  • Hardware and Software Repair
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Data Security
  • Software Application Support
  • Network Administration
  • Web Design and Development
  • Individual Consultations and Staff Training

Areas of Expertise Include:

  • Hardware and Software Configuration,
    Troubleshooting, and Repair for Windows, Mac, and Open Source
  • Training, Certification, and Experience in
    Small Business Domain and Workgroup Administration
  • Training and Experience in Website Administration,
    Site Design, Code Development, and Content Creation

Our Approach:

As the demand for buinsess and personal communication increases, we work to stay current with the best tools to accomplish our goals. IT Works NW delivers clear, effective communication and comprehensive support for complex information systems. Technology can simply be a means for you to deliver your message…how can it be improved upon?

Contact Information:

Our Business Hours are 8-6 Monday-Friday and 10-4 Saturdays. After hours emergencies and contract support clients may call

  • 425.522.2860 voice/text

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IT Works Northwest, LLC
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425.522.2860 voice/text

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  • Market share stats for June 2014 still show that Windows 7 is over 50 percent of all users. Next up is Windows XP, which is officially obsolete but still 25%. Windows 8 and 8.1 combined share is about 12.5%, or 1 in 8 users. This means that there are still twice as many XP users as Windows 8 users...these numbers do not bode well for the future of the Windows franchise.

    Microsoft hopes to regain the trust of businesses who lost productivity migrating to Windows 8. Many migrated back to Windows 7 or vowed to skip 8 entirely. Many small businesses that buy off-the-shelf products don't know that Dell and Lenovo and HP still sell new machines with Windows 7 preinstalled. and consumers have no easy access to Windows 7. Office 2010 has also been completely killed off in the distribution channels.

    China's moratorium on the purchase of Windows 8 for government officials also casts a shadow over future market share. Office 365 may also suffer a similar fate, though conflicting reports in the last 24 hours have not produced a clear answer if this is accurate.

    One certainty is that despite overall Microsoft earnings reports, the Windows franchise has taken a beating with the unlucky number 8. Number 9 may restore market share along with a redesigned start menu, but the experiment that attempted to radically overhaul the way we interact with our business computers has met with a resounding vote of no confidence in the marketplace.

    Rumor: Windows 9 'Threshold' preview coming this fall | News | Softonic
    Rumor: Windows 9 'Threshold' preview coming this fall. The next version of Windows, code named "Threshold," is expected to debut some time in 2015 but we'll get a preview this fall according to sources...